MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

Success in the wine business is no longer just dependent on the quality of the product. Today’s wine industry entails numerous challenges for sustainable business management, including globalization and the introduction of new markets that it brings, climate change, shifts in customer behavior, and running large companies with more complex workflows (and greater risks), to name but a few examples. To be successful both domestically and abroad, you must be able to recognize and effectively evaluate business opportunities in the marketplace, and pursue them in a sustainable way.

In addition to the classic business administration content of a traditional MBA, this program also emphasizes sales and sustainability in terms of the environment, society, and business, as well as international wine markets, consumer research, and sensory analysis of wine. Students are given intensive instruction in these topics based on the latest developments in both academic research and the business world. At the same time, students become acquainted with the world of international wine and learn about the particularities and sensory characteristics of important wine products.

This Master’s degree program is targeted at experienced professionals and managers in the wine industry. The two-year, part-time program can be completed with only 36 on-campus days of attendance – a flexible lecture schedule that allows students to continue working. On-campus weeks, which are run as workshops, take place during the first three semesters. In the fourth semester, students research and write their Master’s thesis. To ensure the practical relevance of the educational program, students are taught with the latest findings from academic research and work with case studies and lectures on current topics from the business world in general and the wine industry in particular. Students bring a variety of perspectives from their own diverse backgrounds to the classroom, which enriches the educational experience and helps them build networks to expand their professional horizons.

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