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Curriculum MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

The two-year, part-time program can be completed with only 36 on-campus days of attendance – a flexible lecture schedule that allows students to continue working. During the six weeks of attendance, which take place in the first three semesters, various teaching formats are used, including classical lectures, group work, workshops and presentations. In the fourth semester, students research and write their Master’s thesis.

Modules ECTS per Module Attendance Days Workload
in hours
Module Exam Type
1st Semester
Strategic Performance Management 5 3 125 Case Study
Production I: Vines of the World 5 3 125 Assignment
Ecological & Social Sustainability 5 3 125 Assignment or Written Exam
Sensory and Consumer Science 5 3 125 Case Study
2nd Semester
Marketing Management 5 3 125 Case Study
Production II: Flavours of the World 5 3 125 Assignment 
Sustainable Business Administration 5 3 125 Assignment
Channel Management 5 3 125 Case Study
3rd Semester
Wine Expertise 5 3 125 Assignment
Sales Excellence 5 2 125 Case Study
Management in Practice 5 2 125 Case Study
Law & Politics 5 2 125 Presentation or Written Exam or Assignment
Research Methodology for Managers 5 2 125 Research Proposal
4th Semester
Master Thesis 25 1 625 Thesis and Defense
Total 90 36 2250  


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„Entrepreneurial success in a changing environment!“

"In accordance with this guiding principle, we created the international study program „MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales“. Our master addresses experienced practitioners in the wine industry as well as professionals from related sectors. Taking the example of the wine industry, we offer you the opportunity to enhance your management and leadership skills, shape a sustainable development and navigate your business into future!"

Marc Dreßler, Head of Program