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7 November 2016 - official start of MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

On Monday, 7 November 2016, the official program start of the new postgraduate master program "MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales" took place at Weincampus Neustadt.

The ten students from Germany, China and Greece were welcomed on Sunday afternoon and had the opportunity to get to know each other as well as the lecturers and staff of Weincampus Neustadt over a glass of wine.

The first cohort of the part-time program consists of a diverse group of students with different professions and backgrounds. The combination of winemakers, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists offers many perspectives and leads to lively exchange during class.

In the first week of presence the syllabus includes lectures, workshops, case study work and sensory lab sessions. The team of professors at Weincampus Neustadt is enhanced by an international network of researchers and experts from the business world, such as oenologist Prof. Dr. Hildegarde Heymann from the Univiersity of California-Davis in the field of sensory analysis.

The program addresses experienced practitioners in the wine business as well as professionals from other industries with interest in wine. The two-year program can be completed with only 36 on-campus days of attendance. That allows students to continue working full-time.

At the center of this program is sustainable business management and sales skills. Practical problem-solving strategies and business tools are taught using real-world examples from the wine industry. In addition to the classic business administration content of a traditional MBA, this program also emphasizes sales and sustainability in terms of the environment, society, and business, as well as international wine markets, consumer research, and sensory analysis of wine.

Contact the program manager Ms. Janina Dorn for more information on the program.


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