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Markus Del Monego at Weincampus Neustadt

On 1st of June 2017 - Markus Del Monego, Master of Wine, is visiting Weincampus Neustadt and presents seven wines from the Bordeaux wine appellations of 1855.

The event begins at 15.30 pm and takes place in the auditorium of Weincampus Neustadt / DLR Rheinpfalz, Breitenweg 71, 67435 Neustadt.

Due to a limited number of seats, a registration with the coordinator Ms. Katharina Hauck (Katharina.Hauck@ 8< SPAM-Schutz, bitte entfernen >8 hwg-lu.de) is required.

Markus Del Monego will be back at Weincampus Neustadt in November 2017,  to teach the MBA students in "Wine Expertise"! We are very much looking forward to both events.



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