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New vintage in the MBA program

welcome event mba
Photo credit: Weincampus Nesutadt

For the fourth time already, the Weincampus team was able to welcome a new MBA class! On November 3rd, there was the opportunity to get to know each other at a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere and with a glass of wine. Lecturers and students in the 3rd semester also took the opportunity to expand their network.

The new vintage is also characterised by very different profiles with and without wine background. The 14 students come from three different nations and the fields of occupation range from independent entrepreneurs to classic winegrowers.

The first day of lectures started on 4 November with the head of the course Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler and the module Strategic Performance Management.
Students can expect an intensive and varied first week of attendance with exciting topics in the field of management and various wine tastings in the Sensory and Consumerscience.

The next attendance week takes place in January and until then the students work on their projects alongside work and family.
We wish you every success!


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