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News from the classroom - last week of presence for the second "vintage"

Studenten mit Nikolas von Haugwitz
MBA students with guest lecturer Nikolas von Haugwitz
marc dressler und nikolas vpon haugwitz
Marc Dreßler, head of program, and Nikolas von Haugwitz, Hawesko

This week the master students of the second "vintage" are for their last presence week at the Weincampus Neustadt. We are very glad that we could win experienced practitioners and a top-class guest lecturer for the three modules.

Christian Kloss, management consultant and sales professional, started the week with the "Sales Excellence" module. Pricing and sales strategy play a central role in this module and were treated on the basis of practical examples of the students.

In the "Management in Practice" module, the course content that students have acquired so far is to be applied by presenting and reflecting on challenging sales or negotiation situations from their everyday professional lives. Prof. Marc Dreßler was supported by an expert from the wine trade. Guest lecturer Nikolas von Haugwitz, Hawesko Holding AG, brought our students an exciting case study and discussed current challenges in wine marketing.

The week concludes with a topic that no Master of Business Administration (MBA) can do without. The module is called "Law & Politics" and is taught by two experts from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Viticulture. The course looks beyond the boundaries of wine law and provides students with an overview of the German legal system.

The fourth and final semester of the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales starts in March and is dedicated to writing the Master's thesis.

We wish the eight students a lot of strength, motivation and stamina for this time and look forward to seeing them again. At the latest to the graduate celebration!


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