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News from the classroom - this week's focus on "Sustainable management" and "Beer & Spirits"

Richard Grünewald - lecturer for "Sustainable Winery Management"
Lecture Sustainable Winery Management
Prof. Dr. Dominik Durner - lecturer for "Flavours of the World"
mba spirits
Spirits for sensory tasting
Beer tasting
Sensory evaluation of beer

The week of the Master's students in the second semester started with the topic of sustainability in the module "Sustainable Business Administration". Over the next few days, the focus will be on sustainable management and its significance for a future-oriented company.

What is sustainable management? How sustainable is my own business? What methods of measurement are available? Where and how could I operate more sustainably? Would you know?

Richard Grünewald, winegrower and theologian from Worms, not only gave theoretical input on the subject of "sustainable winery management" on the second day of the lecture, but also gave many practical examples and tips from his own experience. He has been managing his business holistically for many years under the aspect of sustainability. The approach and philosophy behind this can be read in his sustainability report. 

In addition to the important topic of sustainability, the taste buds are getting special treats this week. In "Production II - Flavours of the World", students not only have the opportunity to taste special wines and learn about the associated process techniques and the background to their production. This time, beer and spirits are on the tasting schedule!


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