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News from the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales

Since Thursday, the "Marketing Management" module has been on the curriculum for our MBA students in their second semester. In the sub-section "Global Marketing and Consumer Behavior" Prof. Dr. Edith Rüger-Muck teaches international marketing strategies and market entry forms and therefore also deals with business practices and consumer preferences (including exciting blind tastings) in foreign markets.

In their case study "Israeli Wines in China: Reaching for New Heights", students analyse why the entry of the Israeli winery "Golan Heights Winery" into the Chinese market is slow, although wine as a cultural asset is enjoying increasing attention among Chinese consumers.

The students first create a "Country, Business & Culture Profile of China" to work out the country, the business habits (do's and dont's) and cultural peculiarities in a collage and role-play and then develop the reorientation of the marketing strategy with a marketing plan tailored to the country including an adapted marketing mix.

Next week we will continue with the module "Channel Management" and Prof. Dr. Pierre Mora from KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux, who has the interactive business game "The French Paradox" in his luggage.


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