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Sustainable but not organic? Interview with Richard Grünewald

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Lecture module "Sustainable Business Management"
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Photo credit: Weincampus Neustadt 2019

The phrase "sustainability" can be found everywhere nowadays. But what does it mean to run your business sustainably? How can sustainability be measured? Does sustainable mean organic?

These and many other exciting questions are part of the lectures in the MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales at Weincampus Neustadt. In the module "Sustainable Business Management" winegrower and theologian Richard Grünewald teaches the students in the second semester. In his part of the lectures he gives practical insights into the sustainable management of his company. In the interview he explains why he decided to run his winery sustainably without switching to organic viticulture. Certainly for many an unusual approach, but one that successfully reduces the winery's carbon footprint!

The decision on which approach to take in practice is individual and there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully weighed up. There is no right or wrong, but many ways to make a contribution.

Check out the interview here: https://youtu.be/4v64fHN7KOo! It was recorded on 29 June 2019. Copyright Weincampus Neustadt 2019.

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